A youth workshop entitled: “The Role of Civil Society in disseminating the peace spirit and adopting a unified national discourse”

The Youth House for Culture and Development launched a national initiative entitled: “The Role of Civil Society in disseminating the peace spirit and adopting a unified national discourse”. This is implemented in cooperation with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies within a current project aims at reinforcing the national labor organizations’ role in consolidating the community unity, and is funded by a Swiss institution. The initiative hosted Mr. Omar Shaaban, Head of Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, Prof. Abeer Thabet, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Al Azhar University, Mr. Yousry Darwish, President of the General Union of Cultural Centers, and a number of young people. Abd El Fattah Hamdan, the coordinator of the initiative, welcomed the audience and the guests.

Yousry Darwish praised the youth interest in reconciliation and unity. He also confirmed the youth’s need to learn and acquire the lessons and morals to preserve national gains and get benefits from all efforts and creative capacities for promoting public peace and the spirit of national belonging.

Mr. Omar Shaaban added that the youth role represents a way of pressure towards a successful reconciliation. They could also contribute to putting long-term plans for achieving national consensus and getting out of the crisis and even benefiting from other countries’ effective experiences.

Moreover, Prof. Faten Thabet held training groups for young persons in which they focused on the necessity for promoting the democracy concept and how to use it efficiently in elections and post-reconciliation preparations.

Ultimately, the coordinator of the initiative concluded the training workshop by listing several recommendations that support future plans for national consensus to be submitted to decision makers.  

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