Winners of the Short Video Competition,2017

The National Authority for Family Welfare held a ceremony so as honor the winners of the 2017 Short Video Competition within the National Initiative, in cooperation with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies. It is a part of “ Strengthening Civil Society Organizations’ role in achieving community unity at the national level” Project.


This ceremony was gaily attended by a number of media professionals, institutions representatives, and participants in the competition. The ceremony included many speeches by: Mr. Bassam Manassrah, Representative of Board of Directors of the National Commission for Family Welfare, Mr. Omar Sha’aban, Head of Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, Mr. Mohammad Al-Baz, and Mr. Saed Kareem. The short videos were shown in the ceremony, the results were announced, and the order of the contestants were as follows:


  • First place: Ne’ama Wadi/ Through our unity, we get over obstacles
  • Second Place: Tamer Nijim/ When you have faith
  • Third Place: Sha’aban Adas/ Salvation Arrow
  • Fourth Place: Soad Alnawajha/ Our Strength is By our Unity
  • Fifth Place: Razan Al-Sa’afeen/ our simple Story
  • Sixth Place: Emad Abu Khatla/ Bedna Watan ( We need a country)
  • Seventh Place: Sameh Al-Saykal/ University Graduates


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